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How Your Mindset Can Change Your Circumstances

I understand if you feel overwhelmed today. Perhaps you are placing a lot of expectation and pressure on yourself to perform a certain way. Maybe you have aspired to make some major lifestyle changes and you didn’t wake up feeling as motivated as you thought you would. Sometime our mindset can change our circumstances.Whatever it is…

Notice your thoughts at this moment.

What are the general themes and feelings being provoked by these thoughts?

Do these thoughts or ideas come from God? Are they faith or fear-based?

Do you believe these ideas to be YOUR truth?

How would you rather feel in this current moment? Write or type what comes to mind.

What is one simple thought in your mind you can write down this moment that would help you experience a better feeling or create a change in your circumstances? Write or type it out (don’t hesitate, this is where the brain changes in real time!)

Now, say that thought out loud (even if you have to whisper) 3 times.

Even if you don’t FEEL different yet, thank God right now for helping you shift your mindset and a small change in your circumstances. Thank Him for the energy He is providing you to make these changes and get through this day. Thank Him for knowing your heart, your fears, and prompting you to remain accountable and focused on His energy and abilities (not yours).

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