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Learning How to Process Stress

Did your morning not go exactly the way you planned?

You are not alone, friend.

Many of us are

-still stressed
-still processing
-still feeling lost
-still feeling stuck

It’s VERY understandable that anyone could feel this way, and I want you to commend yourself for noticing and observing this without judgement. It takes time when learning how to process stress.  Let’s make today super easy, ok? Let’s just focus on ONE thing you can do today to help you take a step forward, but not in an overwhelming way.

Motivated Morning

If you’re feeling stressed or like you are still processing something, you ARE, and that’s ok. For now, how would it feel to just commit to managing, learning about how to process it, and working through your stress without working on any “productive goals”? In other words, just focus your energy on nurturing yourself so you can continue to process, feel, and heal. Once your stress is reduced, you will be able to process your feelings, and THEN you will know when you’re ready to navigate forward.

Clarity, direction, and motivation come from a calm, well rested mind. You can’t expect to make all these changes and feel like a new person when you’ve barely felt like yourself. Practice radical self-compassion towards yourself today. Instead of judging yourself for being stuck or not being further along, remind yourself you are handling difficult emotions beautifully, and once you are rested, you will know exactly what to do. The body requires time to heal itself and rest- and you have all the time in the world for yourself and your body because that is what’s most important right now. If you need help or support to create this space, REACH OUT. Do not wait until you feel consumed. If this is you, I am praying for God to give you bold nudges to rest and release.

You will get through the day, love. Proud of you.

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