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Self-care checklist for a stressful week

Self-care checklist for a stressful week

You are handling this so well, friend. I know it hurts. I know this feel hopeless. I know you feel like all you’ve done is try to avoid situations like these, and yet here you are. No one knows the pain you’re enduring- how much mental energy it takes for you to get up, show up, and talk yourself through each hour. You feel so guilty and shameful right now because you know others have it way worse than you, and you feel like because you “have so much to be grateful for” that you don’t have a place to “complain”. Sister- YOUR EXPERIENCE IS YOUR EXPERIENCE. You are not complaining by having a human experience with human emotions. You are just in a HARD season. Guilt and shame does not come from Jesus. The enemy LOVES to manipulate and torture a tired mind. You are sealed with divine favor, love. You may feel the chill of the darkness that stalks, but it will never penetrate your soul. When you feel wobbly, just whisper: “Jesus, be here with me. Direct my next thoughts/steps.” Keep repeating until you feel the peace. Take a look below at a self-care checklist that may help too!

Motivated Morning

This too will pass, babe. Again, I know in this moment it hurts. It’s heavy. If you try to imagine the future right now it feels overwhelming because you are assuming you’re current emotions will still be with you. Instead, don’t think into the future, OR if you must, imagine every event with Jesus holding your hand right next to you. That way, you know even if you don’t “feel better” by then, at least you can relax knowing God will protect and sustain you. I want you to know, the BEST WAY to combat this anxiety and stress you’re experiencing is quiet time with Jesus, and RADICAL SELF-CARE. Trust me, I know sometimes when my anxiety is in full effect, the thought of just showering feels too much- but babe, if you hit that wall today remember reading this and choose to nurture yourself anyways. Baby steps.


Self-care checklist for you to focus on today:

-wash your face/apply a cream or serum 

-go stretch or move your body for 20-30 min (even a simple walk)

-take a bath or quick rinse if you can

-wear something comfy

-put on fuzzy socks

-eat something nourishing

-watch something funny/or nostalgic 

-read a book 

-map out your week 

-tell someone you love them


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