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Feeling Detached

How to reconnect to yourself when you’re feeling detached

You are not the only one feeling lost and detached right now. I love you. I know that feeling. It’s hard fighting the lies of anxiety sometimes- especially when those thoughts come at your relentlessly. The truth is, you are in “high alert” mode because something is off in your immediate environment structure causing you to feel unsafe. That may be your relationship, your routine, a family dynamic, financial instability… it could be a combo of both. Regardless, your mind is hyper focused on the problem and likely replaying the displeasure from it on repeat causing you to stay “stuck in your feelings”.  I get that. And now, you’re extra anxious about today, even this week, because you are trying to gauge your energy based on how you feel in this moment. So let’s shift. Let’s say we are going to 100% honor and allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling, but at the same time, let’s promise each other we are going to still AT MINIMUM complete our self-care routine today (and we can totally play it down to keep it attainable so we don’t feel overwhelmed, ok?). 

Let’s focus on this easy list together:

-brush our teeth, wash our face (makeup optional)

-comb our hair (dry shampoo if we need to)

-have some water or herbal tea to hydrate (try to avoid too much caffeine right now) 

-change out of pj’s (comfy is still fine!)

-go set a timer for 20-30 min and walk (even if its on a treadmill) play a podcast or your favorite music

-tidy up your room and living areas to reset if needed

-stop by here later and get your daily Bible verse

-write yourself one sentence of encouragement and read it to yourself in the mirror


I love you boo, today is going to be JUST FINE! 

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