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Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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Just because I lost 80lbs doesn’t mean my life became any easier. I still had to deal with my feelings, I still had to deal with ME. Bad days still happen. There will always be an excuse to derail… a busy schedule, an event to attend, a stressful trigger. I had to learn and accept […]

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This month we are talking all about STRESS MANAGEMENT.  Specifically, we are talking about wellness habits that not only help you manage stress, but also stay consistent with your wellness routine. Your homework: I want you to focus on these 5 daily self-care rituals for the next several weeks. (Make sure you read to the […]

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using fear

It’s really us against ourselves most of the time … we often try to motivate ourselves with fear, judgment, and criticism. But how does using fear as motivation work out for us?  I know when I was on my weight loss journey, before I shifted from self criticism to self compassion,  a lot of what […]

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Did you know a lot of the time we avoid change is because of the “unknown” – basically the fear and uncertainty around what the process will look or feel like.  Essentially, we want to figure out how to dodge vulnerability and discomfort, AND, we want someone to “tell us what to do” and give […]

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August, though hot as blazes, is feeling lighter and lighter as I have been focusing in on positive affirmation and the power of self-talk.  I have my students script out affirmations inside our LRD Academy course, and it is such a powerful tool towards getting lasting results. Why? Because when we affirm our thoughts out […]

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This month I am claiming August as the AFFIRMATION month. Working on our self talk is something I think we all aspire to, but rarely implement consistently.  To make it simple for you, I want you to do a little mindset work with me right now. If you can, read the following to yourself out […]

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It gets me so angry when I hear others trying to tear down or criticize women who are genuinely trying their best to make healthier changes. Have you ever allowed the expectations, needs or pressures from others create a shame-fueled downward spiral? Playing the shame game in your health & wellness journey is not the only […]

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when your motivation fizzles out

You are great at getting started, your motivation is new…🚀 BUT, not so much the follow through. 🤭😬 I want you to take a moment and reflect (truthfully) on your assumptions as to why your desired lifestyle changes are not occurring. It’s motivation. After you list those out, here are some other tips to think about […]

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weight loss

I get a lot of messages from women that start like this:  “Kate I am struggling with my weight, stress eating, self-sabotage, lack of motivation… But… -I don’t want to spend much money⁣. -I don’t want to go completely plant-based⁣. -I don’t want to do any of the “woo-woo” stuff. ⁣ ….can you help me?” […]

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how to support

At one point in my life, I was called the “fat girl” who was “negligent” and “lazy”. What’s worse is, when I tried to start doing something about it, I got more grief from my “friends” referring to me as a flake or “not being fun anymore.” No matter what I did- healthy or unhealthy, […]

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