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Resentment to Contentment

What does contentment mean to you? I have found that contentment is more than just being “grateful”, and it’s definitely not “settling”. To me, contentment means choosing to be at peace in the moment, wherever I am, and with whatever is going on. 

Of course, this isn’t always easy, nor a feeling I can just create out of thin air; but rather, it’s a mindful decision I practice making throughout the day whenever I notice my thoughts start to stray. 

Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I remind myself all that I have and all that is coming.

When I feel rushed or behind, I remind myself that I am doing more than enough and have all the time I need to accomplish what is necessary.

If I catch myself comparing my circumstances to others, I remind myself that my story and experiences are what make me unique. 

Today I want you to practice finding contentment in your day. Whether it’s with your personal life, wellness goals, relationships, or even within your career. Remember, choosing to be content and at peace with your circumstances does not mean you are settling or accepting them as your new normal. Instead, it opens your mind to embrace growth as you release the resistance of the lies that keep you stuck, and reach for the thoughts that will promote proactivity. 

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