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Thinking Patterns That Can Affect Mental Health 

We can’t always control our thoughts, but we can control how we respond to them. So much easier said than done (especially when dealing with anxiety), but it’s a practice I try my best to follow daily. 

As someone who struggles with anxiety, intrusive thoughts are something I have to constantly monitor for, and I have found that the following thinking patterns (even when subconscious) are major key signal that I need to reset: 

-searching for validation through social media 

-fantasy or escape-type thinking 

-comparing myself or my circumstances to others 

-making rash decisions or ultimatums 

-self-imposing drastic, sudden, or rigid rules for yourself to feel in control

-increased focus on appearance, compulsive body/mirror checking

It was extremely eye opening to me realizing these patterns, and now, I can check myself pretty quickly when I notice them. Further, I am now able to think about environments that could trigger these types of thoughts/ patterns so I can reduce the likelihood of putting myself into those cognitive states. The biggest thing to remember here though is that these thoughts/patterns still may come up from time to time, and that doesn’t mean anything about YOU or your progress. Try not to judge yourself based on your mood or thoughts. Instead, lead with compassion and curiosity, because your trigger thoughts can reveal powerful lessons about things you may need to release. 

Sometimes we need to go to ourselves for for validation and support. Sometimes we need to get outside and silence social media. Sometimes we need to trust bodies and rest.

Sometimes we need to do less to accomplish more. 

Hoping these words of encouragement find you well today. 

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