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How Your Environment Affects You

How Your Environment Affects You | LRD Academy

Why don’t we become the people we want to be?

Why do we set goals to do better and then abandon them within hours?

Why do we confidently commit to something in the moment and then flake out when it’s time to show up?

Why do we keep finding ourselves sitting in the drive-thru lane each day?

Why do we lay out our workout clothes the night before and still bail on the workout?

Why do we keep scrolling on our phones 2 hours past bedtime?

Why do we keep repeating the same behaviors over and over, expecting different outcomes?

The answer?


Sure, some environments we definitely have more “control” over. For instance, our mental environment (what we think), or our home (at least keeping it clean, the noise, the decor, the food we buy etc). 

But most environments are not totally in our control, and full of stimulations we aren’t always aware of or prepared for. 

There is no amount of willpower that can override an environment with no defined boundaries or structure. 

This is why those who already struggle with setting boundaries and self-discipline skills literally feel like it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE.

Because it is!

We will never change if we continue placing ourselves in the same triggering environments without adjusting our behaviors. 

If this is the same trend keeping you from sticking to your wellness routine, consider this: Did you know those who don’t secure accountability are five times more likely to end up right back where they started? 

How do I know that? 

Because unfortunately, most of my accountability students wait on average 90-180 days before they finally surrender to the support they need. 

Just curious… where will 90-180 more days of your current habits land you? 

I’m just here to gently remind you that I would hate to see you struggle another 3-6 months, when I could have you feeling and performing noticeably better in 14 days. 

That is PRECIOUS time you could be filling with fun, happy memories (instead of the same frustration, tears, and regret).

Want to take a little peak at what UNLIMITED ACCESS TO DAILY COACHING could look like inside my accountability group? 

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