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The Shame Game in Health & Wellness | LRD Academy

It gets me so angry when I hear others trying to tear down or criticize women who are genuinely trying their best to make healthier changes. Have you ever allowed the expectations, needs or pressures from others create a shame-fueled downward spiral? Playing the shame game in your health & wellness journey is not the only thing that can keep you stuck.

The weekend environments can especially increase the shame and pressure we feel around friends and family.

Here are some polite ways to say “NO” to set/hold your boundaries and remove shame from your journey:

– “I know we used to do (x) a lot, but I’m actually not interested in doing that anymore.”

– “I need to reschedule. Thank you for understanding.”

– “If this is an ongoing thing, I will not be able to participate moving forward.”

– “I understand you may not agree, but these are my choices, and if you continue to bring this up I will have to limit the time spend we spend together.”

– “I would like to change the subject.”

– “I’m sorry you are having a hard time. I have other obligations this evening, may I call or check-in with you tomorrow?”

– “I am not able to participate in that activity, but would you care to meet for tea or go for a walk soon?” 

How do these feel?

Not having clearly defined boundaries can lead to increased anxiety and regression in our  lifestyle changes. 

How many of your current struggles would be resolved if you started saying NO to the things and people who aren’t serving you?

Did you know inside LRD Academy I have a homework assignment that literally walks you through scripting techniques on how to say NO with confidence? 

Check it out here: 

And remember, sometimes saying YES to yourself requires you to say NO to others. 

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