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when your motivation fizzles out

When Your Motivation Fizzles Out | LRD Academy

You are great at getting started, your motivation is new…🚀

BUT, not so much the follow through. 🤭😬

I want you to take a moment and reflect (truthfully) on your assumptions as to why your desired lifestyle changes are not occurring. It’s motivation.

After you list those out, here are some other tips to think about with your goal setting/mindset: 

1) Divide the changes you want to make into smaller steps.

2) Write about the feelings you have about making 
these changes- don’t hold back or be embarrassed if you are harboring fear/resentment. 

3) Remind yourself of the problem patterns present… be super honest with yourself about ALL the things you need to surrender. 

4) Reflect on how these problem patterns affect you, and why you don’t have time to feel like this anymore. 

I really hope this exercise help you refocus and understand your priorities. These are the exact techniques I will teach you inside my Lifestyle Redesign course. 

You can do whatever you set your mind to, but again, you cannot expect yourself to follow through with anything until you have developed self-discipline skills. 

Self-discipline skills are developed through behavior change, regular self-monitoring, and accountability. If you are ready to get started, download my free habit tracker here: 

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