Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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How to Make Mental Shifts

Have you been trying to get to the “root cause” of your inability to change certain patterns in your life? Today as you take time to reflect, I want you to focus on a problem pattern with your health- or anything that disrupts your well being. Let’s make a mental shift. 

What is the deepest issue you want to heal? This could be coping with junk food, drinking half a bottle of wine each night, dragging your loved one(s) through your body image meltdowns, or simply skipping your workouts because you stay up too late.

What do you want to see shift? Don’t edit yourself here: Write down what feels most present or painful.

IF this pattern never gets resolved, what will eventually happen? Think about this for a moment or two. 

Now, a couple of more questions to reflect on today to help move this mental shift forward:

What was taking place in your life when this  habit first appeared?

What was going on right before it started?

What age were you when first appeared?

Did something traumatic happen to someone in your family at a similar age?

What exactly happens around this habit/problem?

What does it feel like in its worst moments?

What happens right before you feel this way or act out this pattern?

What makes it better or worse?

What does this habit prevent you from/ what does it force you to do?

Ask God to help you raise awareness around the pattern(s) you want to change. Today, practice mindfulness by setting a focus to observe your thoughts and behaviors without judgement. At the end of the day, write down what you learn or notice. 

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