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How to create consistent movement and exercise when fighting mental health symptoms 

If you have struggled with your mental health like me, you know the struggle of fleeting motivation when it comes to getting in you daily exercise. We also know how much exercise helps with mental health, so it’s especially frustrating feeling like we can’t get it done even when we know we need to.

If this is you right now, I want to help.

Here’s what I do when I’m struggling with getting exercise in:

-increase motivation by simplifying your goal (if it’s more attainable you’re more likely to follow through)

-stick to walking or leisurely activities (esp outdoors when possible)

-leave higher intensity workouts for days you are feeling stronger

-preschedule some group classes in advance for accountability and social support

-take mini movement breaks throughout the day if a 20-30 min session feels too overwhelming

-focus on exercise that is more uplifting vs challenging

I really hope this helps you think of some ways to adapt your workout routine on the days that feel “too hard”. Always be gentle with yourself, and just ask “what can I do” when you feel stuck. 

If you need a little reset, I have a 28 day gym free plan that may be just what you need. The workouts are easy, effective, and they’re planned out for you for the next couple of weeks so you can alleviate any additional mental stress. 

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