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Finding a healthy balance with your daily movement …

Answering questions from the ‘Gram this week:

“How do I overcome the feeling of not pushing myself hard enough? I over do it then relapse.”

Love this question I am not sure if you are referring to personal goals, exercise, nutrition, or any of these things- BUT the concept of self-imposed pressure to over achieve is something I am very familiar with.

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If you’re anything like me, (Type A, Enneagram 1, Perfectionist) you set really high expectations for yourself. Sometimes these expectations are not realistic for your current capacity (even if you start out with a BANG), and when you hit a wall with your momentum it completely defeats you because you perceive it as failure. You have to find a healthy balance for these expectations.  The reality is, you’re just trying to do too much, too soon.

Going to give you a snippet of advice I share with my group coaching students to find a healthy balance:

think about your current obstacle… what kind of advice you would give someone else if there were experiencing the same thing?… sometimes we realize what we need to hear by telling someone else

even when you feel super motivated and ambitious, resist the urge to go all out- remind yourself to conserve and space out your mental and physical energy to help you find that healthy balance.

identity some of the warning signs that you are approaching burnout (thought patterns, sensations, emotions, behavior patterns). In other words, raise your awareness around your actions and decisions so you know when to pull back or reset.

I really hope this helps, and thank you again for submitting your question!

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