Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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When it’s time to move…

Sometimes feeling “tired” (despite getting enough rest, eating properly, removing caffeine, etc) is your body’s way of saying you actually need MORE movement, MORE healthy exercise.

** THIS DOES NOT MEAN OVEREXERCISE ** > if you’re tired from over exercising/not eating enough you know who you are- I don’t have to say it, because that used to be me- if this is you, please please please seek a professional to help you with your mindset FIRST before you pursue any further fitness goals.

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Back to what I was saying…

When I started my weight loss journey, I remember when I started eating healthier, removing caffeine, working out more- I honestly felt kinda wrecked at first. This was because 1) my body AND mind was detoxing itself from years of physical and emotional toxificiation (poor lifestyle choices + emotional trauma) and 2) I was so used to not moving enough, I had to accept my body was under conditioned and I was going to have to wake it back up. I wasn’t lazy, but I def needed to push here instead of pull back (this is why I had this disclaimer earlier)… if you’re overweight and still feeling tired even with healthier choices, you may still need to push more.

After I lost the initial 10-15 lbs, I hit a plateau because even though I was eating healthier, I was only walking 20-30 min a day (I was NOT challenging myself consistently whatsoever). My body got used to that REALLY quick. I felt tired still because that was def not enough exercise for me AT THAT TIME. I remember thinking, “oh I can rest, I need to, my body is going through a lot” (and it WAS) but I realized the tired, heaviness was actually emotional. I still had 50+lbs to lose- I had plenty of energy reserve- I was just trying to skip the struggle and I had to own that and force myself to get out and move, even if that meant 3 walks a day vs one.

My point: if this is you, YES- absolutely you need to rest AT ANY WEIGHT, but again, if you are specifically overweight, and still feeling tired, you may need to get up and move more. You need that sweat, release, and endorphin cycle daily to wake things back up. Exercise is NOT going to feel easy at first, but after a while your brain will catch on and start to crave it. Trust me. Get up and move today- you’ve got his!

*This does not replace medical advice and you should ALWAYS consult your doctor or specialized professional for your unique case *

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