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Overshooting Your Fitness Goals? Here’s How to Avoid Overtraining | LRD Academy

Staying on track with your fitness routine can be tough when the weather starts to warm up. With that in mind, I wanted you all aware of some important information about getting back into shape after staying inside for winter!

A quick glance at any news site is enough evidence as proof how quickly things change: one day it might snow—the next not even close… And if we’re honest there-a lot people aren’t really sure what they need or want from their workout anymore because life gets busy – which means there could easily come a point where somebody who has been working hard feels frustrated.

With that, I know an innocent attempt to “tone up” or “do a mini cut” can quickly spiral into overtraining if we aren’t careful.

Overtraining symptoms:
-Stiff HEAVY legs
-Not recovering from exercise even with less load and frequency
-Aches: especially in joints and limbs
-Cystic acne (eps chin area)
-Pain in lower abdomen/pelvic area
-IBS symptoms
-Appetite comes and goes
-Night sweats
-Weak/puny feeling
-Pins and needles in feet/ringing in ears
-Cold hands/feet
-Easily bruised
-Heart palpitations (esp at night when trying to fall asleep)
-Just overall feeling that something isn’t right …

smarter not hard workout guide

You should NEVER feel this way after exercise or in general for extended periods of time.
Questions to be mindful with your movement:
-where is my body at today?
-what would feel good?
-do I have to get THIS exact workout in or am I self-imposing this expectation?
-does thinking about this workout feel stressful because I know I need it or because I need to rest?
-am I trying to do too much at once?
-how could I stretch this out a little more?
-what pain or truth may I subconsciously be trying to numb with exercise?
-what am I afraid will happen if I don’t perform this exact workout or burn this exact amount of energy?

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