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Are Your Workouts Working? 13 Signs You’ve Hit The Sweet Spot

Are you constantly wondering if you’re exercising enough to lose weight? Always looking for signs your workout is actually working?

Every day people ask me how much exercise they need to do to lose weight. But it’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t the only sign of an effective (and healthy) fitness routine!

As a general rule of thumb, for maintenance or conditioning you can push moderate to higher intensity workouts UP TO 5 days a week. However, you need to allow for proper recovery and have strategic rest days planned where you just walk or enjoy leisurely activities. 

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13 Signs That Your Exercise Routine Is Working

You feel energetic
You look forward to your movement
It feels challenging but in a fun way
It gives you a release and good endorphins at the same time
You recover quickly and easily from strenuous activities
You are able to take rest days without feeling guilty
There is a variety of movement you enjoy
You are flexible and adaptable with your workout routine
You are maintaining muscle definition and a steady weight month to month
If you’re trying to lose weight, you are steadily reducing body fat and/or inches weekly-biweekly (no more than 1-2 pounds per week)
Your digestion, sleep, and cycle are great
Your stamina, mood, and sex drive is stable
Your appetite and hunger cues are strong but not insatiable

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If your workout routine ticks these boxes and is something you can maintain it CONSISTENTLY – then girl, you’ve hit the sweet spot!

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