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Affirmations to stop overeating

Powerful Affirmations To Stop Overeating

I used to struggle with overeating SO HARD. ⁣It was painfully embarrassing actually.

My friends would be like “dang girl, you’re still eating??” It was totally out of love and I would laugh it off, but really be thinking, “wow, why am I still eating?”

I had zero self-discipline or control around hyper-palatable foods (high fat, sugar, salt). It felt like a zombie took over and I would just eat, eat, and eat. ⁣

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⁣It took a lot of habit and behavior intervention but I finally overcame it. ⁣

There are many tips out there on how to stop overeating, but have you tried daily affirmations?

These are some affirmations that helped me start taking steps towards a more mindful eating approach. I hope they help someone you, too. ⁣

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Daily Affirmations To Stop Overeating

I no longer feel physical hunger

I am going to wait 20 minutes and reassess if I am still hungry

I am mindlessly snacking

I am proud of myself for recognizing this and I am now going to remove myself from this environment to shift my energy.

I am eating very fast

I am doing so well at self-monitoring. I am going to put down my fork and take three gentle breaths.

I am eating for emotional/comfort needs

I am doing a good job at handling something really stressful. I am going to take a walk to reflect and when I feel hungry again I will make myself a nourishing meal.

I feel very tempted to overindulge

It is very understandable that I feel tempted when I’m around all of my favorite foods. Thankfully, these foods aren’t going anywhere and I can now stop eating because I am satisfied and can have this again at any time.

Motivated Morning

Next time you find yourself in a triggering or tempting environment or situation, try some of these affirmations above and see how you feel. You might even come up with a few of your own!




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Affirmations to stop overeating




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