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How To Bounce Back After A Binge

So you binged last night. Now what?

I’ve been there – that paralyzing moment when you wake up the next morning feeling ashamed of yourself and like you want to stay under the covers forever. How did I give into the urge AGAIN? 

You make a promise not to eat much today and exercise for an extra hour to hopefully reverse some of the damage.

Girl. Please stop right there. I know how this goes – and these things WILL NOT help you.

Restricting and over-exercising will NOT help you bounce back from a binge.

You’ve punished, pushed, and starved yourself after overeating in the past…. but how has that worked out for you so far?

You want to nurture yourself and take a kinder approach. Yes, this is possible – and WAY more effective.

Here are 7 (actually helpful) things to do after overeating:

  • Identify your current emotions and name them out loud.
  • Give yourself a rant ‘time limit’. After that, move on.
  • Identify the emotional or environmental triggers that led you to overeat. What were you really hungry for? What external cues prompted you to reach for food?
  • Remind yourself that the event is over and you are already correcting the behavior by being mindful in this moment.
  • Please do not weigh yourself. You know there is no need to. 
  • Wait to feel your natural hunger cues and resume the same meals and amounts as usual. Do not restrict, no matter how ‘disgusting’ you feel. Your body needs to know it can rely on you to provide a consistent energy source! 

Mast your morning and stop binge eating!

So how can you break the cycle? Identify the underlying pain causing you to overeat. There is no way around this step, ladies!

And please remember that you are not alone.⁣⁣ Just remind yourself that this behavior is you acting out something unresolved within.⁣⁣

You are doing a 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 good job handling all of these hard emotions and you WILL break this cycle.⁣⁣

If you continue to struggle I would seek professional guidance – there is NO shame in reaching out for help.
Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to make new choices!


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how to recover after binge



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