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7 Ways To Stay Satisfied On A Plant-Based Diet

Are you struggling to stay full and satisfied on a plant-based diet?

Whether you’re fully plant-based or still transitioning, the key is to be mentally AND physically content after eating.

7 ways to stay satisfied on a plant-based diet:

1. Make sure you are eating enough

Establish your caloric baseline and know what your unique energy requirements are (no more stressing and guessing).

2. Structure your meals so they are balanced

Carbs, fats, proteins, sodium, natural sugars – we want our macro and micronutrients spread out evenly across our meals to keep blood sugars stable.

3. Eat realistic and satisfying portions

Don’t go grabbing that baby plate when you know darn well that you can, and need to, easily eat twice that amount. You’re an adult, so you need adult portions.  Don’t try and save your calories until the end of the day (been there, done that)! Allow yourself to eat proper MEALS throughout the day.

Motivated Morning

4. Stay hydrated!

BUT don’t substitute food for water when you KNOW you need to eat. Drink between or after meals, instead of right before.

5. Manage sleep and stress levels

An often-overlooked factor in saying satisfied on a plant-based diet is getting enough sleep and managing yo’ stress! When you’re tired the brain BEGS for glucose for energy, which can be misinterpreted for other cravings. If this is you – reach for some fruit!

6. Limit caffeine and added sugars

I get it, coffee, energy drinks, and diet sodas are fun. I used to drink a lot of it! But now I opt for mushroom coffees (this one is my fav) and Chaga teas that have more natural energy boosters. High levels of caffeine thin your cells, age you, and spike your blood sugar which leads to a nasty crash (hello high-sugar snack attacks!).

7. Variety is the spice of life!

Experiment with spices, raw vs. cooked food, and different textures. Eat the rainbow! I like to get 2-3 foods in each color during my grocery shop. This will build a visually-appealing cart and get you excited about your meals, which is super important! Having more diversity in your diet also supports a healthy microbiome, which keeps your gut health strong.  If your hunger signals aren’t firing properly or your digestion is sluggish, this will lead to malabsorption and mess with your hunger and satisfaction queues.


For my go-to meals, check out my recipe and grocery guide, A Fresh Start. You’ll find some gems in there that will keep you full for hours!


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