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Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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Plant Based Recipes

When we need a break from all of the healthy foods, here is one of my favorite guilt free plant based recipes! It’s time for something rich and indulgent. But don’t worry – it won’t affect your weight because these dishes are full off flavor without any added butter or cream cheese.)) Avocado “Alfredo” Prep […]

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“Thinking about food all the time” Idk who needs to hear this but: if you are thinking about food all of the time you likely aren’t eating enough or structuring your meals properly. When you think about your nutrition and meal planning you want to allot for mental and physical satisfaction. Food is supposed to […]

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Cozy fall breakfast recipes

Fall has well and truly arrived! Even though I’m sad to say goodbye to the warm sunny weather, I’m excited to spend my mornings sipping my favorite tea and filling the kitchen with the cozy smells of spices and baking! I wanted to share some quick and easy vegan breakfast ideas for fall that will […]

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Hands up if you’ve ever Googled ‘how to manage sugar cravings’? Battling the (refined) sugar addiction is tough – that stuff is addictive as heck! Plus, they put sugar in just about everything these days… even foods that aren’t even “sweet”. ⁣⠀ Cravings are driven by your brain’s need for a “reward”, not your body’s […]

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Ahh summer. There’s no better time for ice-cold smoothies to enjoy while relaxing in the morning sun. And it’s not just about cooling off in hot weather. Delicious summer fruits are now in-season which means they are easier to find and cheaper to buy! Pro tip: try chopping and freezing all your ingredients before blending […]

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plant based diet

Are you struggling to stay full and satisfied on a plant-based diet? Whether you’re fully plant-based or still transitioning, the key is to be mentally AND physically content after eating. 7 ways to stay satisfied on a plant-based diet: 1. Make sure you are eating enough Establish your caloric baseline and know what your unique […]

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healthy vegan recipes

Can’t put down that post-dinner chocolate, cake or ice cream? If you need your daily dose of sweetness, there are plenty of healthy, plant-based dessert swaps you can make for a guilt-free treat!  I’m a pancake lover through and through, but I love getting creative with plant-based powerhouse ingredients like Medjool dates, cacao powder, oats, […]

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plant-based sausage patties

If, like me, you’re running on pantry staples like lentils, spices and whatever fresh veg you can get your hands on, give this recipe a go!  Plant-based sausage patties Recipe chili powder (1 tbsp) coriander (1 tbsp) cumin (1 tsp) dill (1 tsp) garbanzo bean flour (or flour of choice) (1/4 cup) lemon juice (1 […]

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You wanna know why I’m eating my vegan blueberry and peanut butter pancakes almost EVERY day right now? (Yes, you read that correctly.) Not only are my pancake recipes the bomb dot com, most of them include ingredients that naturally help BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY – hands up if that’s also a priority for you right […]

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Strawberries on a salad?? Yes , you read that right! I posted this to my IG story last week and a lot of my followers said they made it and LOVED it! The flavors are amazing! What you need: Base: mixed greens Toasted chickpeas Clover sprouts Carrots Strawberries Avocado Everything but the bagel seasoning Fresh lemon […]

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