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How To Mindfully Manage Sugar Cravings

Hands up if you’ve ever Googled ‘how to manage sugar cravings’?

Battling the (refined) sugar addiction is tough – that stuff is addictive as heck! Plus, they put sugar in just about everything these days… even foods that aren’t even “sweet”. ⁣⠀

Cravings are driven by your brain’s need for a “reward”, not your body’s actual need for food as fuel.

If you can have a small amount and feel satisfied, then indulging a little when you get a craving is fine!

But if you tend to binge and overeat as soon as you get a taste of sugary foods, then it might be best to steer clear for a prolonged period of time.

Why You Should Limit Refined Sugars

Let’s break this down. Refined sugar is processed, which means the fiber and nutrients are taken out.
Without fiber, sugar rushes through our system causing spikes and dips in blood sugar and increasing our risk of chronic inflammation, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer⁣.
⁣⁣The good news – you don’t have to fight sugar cravings forever. It only takes two weeks or less of cutting back for your taste buds to reset! ⁣⁣
So, what’s the best way to manage sugar cravings and overcome a sugar addiction? Here are a few tips I share with our students inside our Lifestyle Resdesign 12-week coaching and self-paced programs…

Motivated Morning

5 Ways To Mindfully Manage Sugar Cravings

1. Remove the temptations

All things in moderation occasionally work for some, BUT, if you feel unable to refrain from sugar cravings, do a pantry audit and remove any items with refined sugars (at least for now). If you have a hard time throwing out food, you can always take donation box to your local soup kitchen.

2. Have a plan

Stock your house with fresh fruits, or snacks with healthier versions (without refined or added sugars). I love to keep frozen grapes and cherries on hand!

3. Make healthy swaps

Opt for natural sweeteners like dates, bananas, or unsweetened applesauce.

4. Skip the fake stuff

Try sparkling water (hello, Topo Chico) or kombucha instead of soda/energy drinks.

5. Don’t let yourself get super hungry or skip meals.

I used to ignore my hunger cues because of work or felt “it wasn’t the right time to eat” so I need to wait until actual meal time. These blood sugar imbalances always resulted with overshooting my appetite at the next meal and often continued snacking up until bedtime.

Again, just know yourself, and decide if you need a break from refined sugar altogether- at least until your cravings clear and don’t control your mind.
Like other junk food cravings, sugar cravings become a lot easier to manage (and eventually disappear) when you fully transition to a whole food plant-based diet and follow the above tips. 

nuzest protein

Word to the wise – read nutrition labels! The food industry has many names for refined sugar and they’re not always obvious. Here are just a few of the sneaky ingredients to look out for (and avoid) when reading nutrition labels:

  • Sucrose
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Maltose dextrose
  • Lactose
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Molasses
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Fruit juice concentrates
  • Cane crystals
Don’t worry, you can have your (whole food plant-based) cake and eat it, too! The solution isn’t eating bananas instead of cookies. But you may be using bananas to sweeten those cookies…trust us, it’s easy and delicious.

How to Sweeten Foods On A Plant-Based Diet

Whole foods

  • Bananas
  • Medjool dates
  • Dried fruits (no added sugar)
  • Unsweetened apple sauce

Slightly refined natural sugars that are okay in moderation


So do you need to stop eating sugar altogether to lose weight? No!

Being mindful about what forms of sugar you are consuming and how they make you feel is the first step to beating the cravings and giving your sugar addiction the boot for good!

Making healthy and nourishing plant-based recipes that satisfy your sweet tooth doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact it’s the opposite!

From breakfast ideas you’ll be jumping out of bed for, to delicious desserts and sweet treats, check out my recipe book and grocery guide A Fresh Start. It’s jam packed with wholesome, guilt-free recipes I make on the daily. 

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  • Over 50 pages of easy and healthy plant-based, whole food recipes
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