Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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Food on the Brain | Good Food Mindful Eating

“Thinking about food all the time”

Idk who needs to hear this but: if you are thinking about food all of the time you likely aren’t eating enough or structuring your meals properly. When you think about your nutrition and meal planning you want to allot for mental and physical satisfaction. Food is supposed to fuel us yes, but also, to be enjoyed!  One thing that has changed the game for me on a plant based diet is how satisfied I feel. 

Motivated Morning

Here is the exact advice I would give my LRD students:

  1. Ensure you are eating enough (establish your caloric baseline) – there are many online calculators- but this is something you absolutely must establish if you are struggling to feel satisfied. 
  2. Structure  and plan your meals so they are balanced- protein, fat, carbs, fiber – complete snacks as well so that you don’t spike your blood sugar and drop it suddenly.
  3. Eat realistic and satisfying portions, don’t try to hold out or eat less – you will end up snacking and over shooting your appetite.  Make the right amount from the get go and eat what you REALLY WANT. IF it’s a sandwich eat the sandwich! If you want pb butter on your oats eat it! There is no “right or wrong”. 
  4. Stay hydrated, but drink between meals and afterwards, do not try to fill up your stomach with liquid before you eat. 
  5. Sleep enough and manage stress! When you are tired the brain begs for glucose for energy and this can be misinterpreted for other cravings. 
  6. Variety! Different seasonings, flavors, colors, hot/cold, baked/steamed, air fried- look forward to your meals! 
  7. Keep your gut health strong so you absorb all the nutrients- glutamine, pre and probiotic foods, keep fiber intake at least 35g per day.  
  8. Limit caffeine and added sugars
  9. Get your body in a routine (regular eating window) this doesn’t mean you have to intermittently fast, just focus on a schedule. 
  10. Eat something you love and look forward to everyday! List out your “must haves” and look up a whole food plant based version of each of those meals. You won’t feel deprived and you will lose the obsessions with processed junk versions. 


Hope this helps! 

~Mama K

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