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Powerful Journal Prompts To Stop Self-Sabotage

When things are going well and we feel good, we tend to do better at sticking to healthy habits, our self care, and routines.

When we’re stressed, over stimulated, and overwhelmed it can be easy to slip into a negative head space and before you know it those self-sabotage patterns are back in full effect.

Sound familiar?

One useful tool you can use to help block these tendencies and stop the self sabotage cycle is daily journaling.

Now, journaling does not have to be this eloquent long drawn out writing session  and I totally get if you’re thinking “I don’t have time to journal!” Kate, I can’t even hear myself think!

I get it, I used to believe the exact same thing. I used to avoid journaling because I thought it would take too much effort. Now, I can’t imagine a day without it.

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But I want to give you some quick reflection prompts to help you walk out of the self-sabotaging patterns and mindset.

Motivated Morning

Take a moment to think about which negative thoughts or behavior patterns that tend to arise when you’re stressed.

While you’re reflecting on those, I want you to jot down these journal prompts that will help you check in with yourself….

7 Powerful Journal Prompts To Stop Self Sabotage In Its Tracks

I am working on correcting the thought or behavior pattern of (insert thought or behavior).

The environments or events that tend to trigger these unwanted behaviors and thoughts are…

Who are some people who tend to trigger these thoughts and behaviors?

Which conversation topics should I avoid right now to remain in a positive headspace?

Some of the first signs I’m becoming triggered are…

I know I’m getting close to my stress limits when…

What are 3 healthy coping options I can focus on if I notice I’m becoming stressed or triggered?

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Remember, the goal isn’t to never have these thoughts – you’re human!

Rather, it’s to hold yourself accountable to implement your coping strategies as soon as you start noticing the signs of self sabotaging behavior. This is truly an art that takes practice!

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While we can’t control everything that’s going on around us, we are ALWAYS in control of our mindset, behaviors and decisions. We can be self-accountable and create space to stay mindful.

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