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5 Morning Habits To Help You Lose Weight

How have I been able to keep off 80lbs? Two words: Morning. Routine.

Gone are the days where I can wake up and “wing it”.

Before I dive into my day, I have a promise to myself that I take at least 2-3 hours to fill my cup before I start pouring out that energy to the world. 

I have also found that these 5 rituals truly get me in the zone for the day:

1. I don’t hit snooze, and make my bed right away.

2. I complete my skin care routine and brush my hair.

3. I stretch for 5 minutes and connect to my breath.

4. I meditate and/our journal to prepare and visualize my day.

5. I get outside and MOVE, whether it’s a walk, run, bike ride etc, if it’s raining, I will go to the gym or workout in my garage with door open.

Now, there isn’t “magic” any of these specific rituals, but more so how they all come together to create a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-discipline. 

Motivated Morning

When you complete your routine, you are sending a message to yourself that says: “MY LIFE FREAKING MATTERS! I am worth the effort, I am important, and I value my well being above anything else!”

Those thoughts are the exact building blocks needed to creating any sort of behavior change and lasting healthy habits. If you don’t have a sense of worth or urgency over your livelihood- you cannot expect to feel motivated to change!

I am TERRIFIED to start the day in “auto pilot” mode, not tapped into my concisouness. I can always feel it when I rush or skip parts of my morning routine- and I am SO grateful I have that awareness.

This is why I always say nutrition and exercise are NOTHING if you don’t have that self-discipline skills to keep them in play. 

A healthy lifestyle isn’t a “look”- it’s a “feel”.

And that feeling only comes from prioritizing self-care and creating a sustainable routine for yourself.

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