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How I Balance Work With Wellness 

Work can suck the life out of you if you let it! When there is no balance with work and wellness, the scale can tip really easy.

Even though I LOVE what I do, the mental and physical strain of constantly engaging on social media paired with hours of screen time piles up on me quickly. That’s why I am serious af when it comes to guarding my energy and wellness routine. 

When I am tired and stressed, I tend to make more reactive and impulsive decisions = regret and feeling bad about myself = no fun. 

Here are a couple of easy + actionable steps you can take TODAY to start alleviating work stress, and start enjoying more consistency with your wellness routine (because when that’s gone, you can throw everything else out the window). 

What works best for myself (and what I teach inside LRD Academy)

1. Designated times/days for specific tasks and energy requirements. 

2. Clear boundaries with myself and others in regards to my schedule, time limitations, and communication needs. 

3. End of work rituals to signal the work day is over. VERY important esp working from home. Listen to this guided mediation to end your work day today.

4. Lots of planned breaks! (but not for social media)- for walking, stretching, hydrating, refocusing. 

5. Movement first thing in the day! If I wait until later, I am way less motivated and moving by body first thing gives me energy, clarity, and focus. 

6. I get outside and surround myself with nature and loved ones as much as I can! 

Tell me in the comments which one you are working on this week.

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