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Healthy ways to Cope with Seasonal Depression

5 Healthy Ways to Cope with Seasonal Depression

I told you guys recently on IG stories that I’d be making a shift around here to share content that speaks to the women who are struggling, have struggled, or know someone who struggles with anxiety or depression. Let’s be honest, that’s probably most if not all of us. With that in mind plus the recent time change, temperatures dropping, and shorter days with less sunlight, finding healthy ways to cope with seasonal depression is increasingly important.

While everyone else is sharing their Christmas decorations and jamming to Holiday tunes, I know there are still many who are finding themselves without the energy for anything during this season. Even mundane and easy activities or tasks such as dressing for the weather can feel burdensome. The everyday activities you excitedly planned for and look forward to during the summer are avoided completely whenever possible in favor of staying in. Or, due to colder weather and shorter hours of daylight, you are left completely unable to enjoy those summer activities – like walking the dogs or going for a morning run.

Another quick Mama K reminder that you can and will overcome this. You are greater than the struggles you are facing, babe.

Here are my 5 Healthy Ways to Cope with Seasonal Depression:

1. Get sunlight whenever possible.

Even on the chilliest of days, try to make time to get outside. Vitamin D is crucial to enhancing your mood and aiding your immune system.

2. Eat well, even when you don’t feel like it.

When the second glass of hot cocoa sounds way better than a glass of water, choose to hydrate rather than increase sugar intake. If you’re looking for warmer ways to hydrate and still feel good, try sipping on one of my favorite teas. Remember that your diet has a huge impact on the way you feel, so making healthy choices when it comes to what you eat or drink will help you feel better.

3. Continue your morning routine.

I preach a consistent morning routine all the time, because I know first-hand how important it is to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle even in the midst of challenging times.

Download our free resource, The Motivated Morning for a in-depth morning routine makeover.

4. Keep a journal

Write out your feelings, reflect on them, and spend time finding reasons to be thankful. Even in the darkest of seasons, we still have countless opportunities for gratitude.

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5. Don’t suffer alone

Find a community that embraces you and can relate to your struggles. Find a counselor to chat with, or church women’s group. If you’re struggling to find somewhere to plug in immediately, try our free Facebook group: Plant Based Lifestyle & Natural Weight Loss For Women. And, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I’d love to help you get plugged into our community of women who are walking through healthy lifestyle shifts and would welcoming you joining them. Everyday, our LRD 2.0 women are cheering each other on on our private Facebook group. They are always sharing their wins, their challenges and burdens, their inspiration, and their lives with each other.

And wow, is it a beautiful thing to find women who love one another through their struggles!



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Healthy ways to Cope with Seasonal Depression









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