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Just a little end of month pep talk

For those of you going through a difficult season, here is your pep talk!

You are SO brave.

You are enduring so much pain and still show up the best you can each day.

That’s hard.

You smile and say you’re well when you’re really not.

You happily say yes to help someone without thinking twice (even when your mind is screaming NO I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT!)

You try to check your mindset constantly throughout the day, and encourage yourself even when you feel like failure.

You TRY. Period.


This situation is not your fault.
You haven’t caused this.
God is not punishing you, He’s pruning you.
He is not testing you, He’s teaching you.


He will reveal the reason behind this season in due time.
Trust His process, release your own.
He has more than you can imagine waiting for you on the other side of this.

Every lack, every tear, every need, everything you are starving for will be fulfilled.

Imagine yourself as a wobbly toddler.
Waddle over to your heavenly Father, reach out those sweet arms.
He will pick you up, carry, and cradle you as long as you need today.

I love you, friend. We’re in this together. I’m always going to give you that pep talk when you need it!
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  1. Adelheid says:

    Thank you very much, this was really encouraging for me.

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