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Taking care of yourself while caring for others

Taking care of yourself while caring for others

I know how difficult it can be to feel motivated to take care of yourself when you are trying to caring for others.

Supporting others in need can wear us out IF we don’t stay on top of our self-care. I know first hand, my experience with supporting a partner with depression has taught me that we MUST “secure our oxygen mask first” before assisting the other person.

I am talking to YOU sis. You know what self-care is, you know why you need it, and you know why you avoid it when you get overwhelmed.

You let your self-care go when things get tough because deep down you have this belief that “I don’t matter right now”.. “(x) is more important”… “I need to conserve energy for this instead.”


YOU and your well-being matter MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW.

In fact, you know those amazing nurturing skills you have? The ones you love to soothe others with when your cup is full?

Guess what? I am challenging you to use those on YOURSELF today!
I want you to love and nurture yourself the way you do everyone else- (where do you even being, right?)

Look, the world is not going to stop turning if you take 30 or 60 min to yourself to reset. Heck, you may need a whole day or WEEK.

Take what you need, and take it without guilt or shame! Dropping that self-imposed expectation is life-changing.

Take that nap. Get that massage. Go to your hair appt. Book the mani/pedi too. Put on that face mask, wear the fuzzy socks, pour yourself some herbal tea.

Breathe in Jesus. Exhale the enemy.

Life can be TOUGH sister. Stop holding yourself to the pressure to present everything as being ok when it’s JUST. NOT.

You aren’t being “negative”- you are being honest, self-aware, and that’s as healthy (and REAL) as you can get!

Lastly, a couple of reminders (whether you’re trying take care of yourself or caring for others):

-you aren’t responsible for the emotional regulation of others
-you owe NO ONE an explanation for anything
-you are allowed to say NO, cancel, or reschedule ANYTHING without guilt
-you are doing WAY MORE than enough
-YOU DESERVE AND NEED REST, and tons of it

You are handling and dealing with A LOT.

Cling to His hand today, ladies. He’s got this.

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Taking care of yourself while caring for others




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