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How to overcome self doubt

How to overcome self doubt

Dear I don’t know who needs to hear this:

It doesn’t matter how messy it was, you will make it through another week.

You have been thrown some MAJOR curve balls-and you don’t need validation- BUT SIS, I know what it’s like to think “if only others knew what I was in right now…” You are within every right to have those thoughts. Learning to overcome self doubt is challenging, but not impossible.

Some things seem to be improving, and you are grateful for that, BUT

The things you REALLY need to be ok (like right now) still are not, and it’s HARDDDD to wake up to that frustration on repeat.

It’s hard to walk the walk of faith when your reserves are low.

You feel ashamed that you can’t just “snap out of it” and put on God’s perspective. Knowing that to overcome self doubt you need time and prayer is ok.

Pray with Kate Devotional

Girl, you are HUMAN. The fact that you are aware that you’re in this headspace is actually AWESOME AWARENESS!

God can work with that. He can work with anything. Come as you are.

Don’t wait until you feel “worthy” of going to God by being in a better mood. He’s after your heart not your performance.

Ask Him to meet you NOW. The enemy stalks when you are at your lowest and weakest points.

It’s like a virus trying to attack a weak immune system.

Your heart and mind may be weak, but girl your FAITH IS STILL STRONG AND HEALTHY!

Cling to that if anything today.

In case you don’t have anyone around to support you, I am sending you the warmest hug and cupping those sweet cheeks in my hands.

You are not alone, and THIS WILL PASS.

We are going to take hold of His hand, and He is going to lovingly guide us one step at a time today.

You are supported, babe.

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