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Prayers for anxiety

5 Prayers To Calm Your Mind And Overcome Anxiety

Are you in the midst of a storm?⁣⁣⁣ Feeling overwhelmed and anticipating a day full of challenges?

When I feel like I’m up to my neck, I reflect back on these calming prayers to stop worrying. Giving myself permission to turn things over to God leaves me feeling relaxed, grateful and calm knowing that He has the rest of the day sorted.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I wanted to share my five favorite prayers for anxiety – save these to refer back to when you’re feeling overwhelmed!

Motivated Morning

5 Daily Prayers To Overcome Anxiety

Shrinking Anxious Thoughts

Lord, thank you for guarding my mind and keeping me in constant peace. Thank you for shrinking anxious thoughts. Lord, it is natural for my mind to wander. It is natural to have unwanted or anxious thoughts. But when I focus my attention on you I know that your peace obliterates any negative energy that stocks. Thank you for guarding me and always watching over me. Amen.

Resist The Need To Worry

Lord, thank you for the promise of your presence. Thank you for reminding me to resist the need to worry. Because you are in charge of my life, there’s nothing for me to be anxious of or concern myself with. Thank you for training me to redirect my focus to you whenever I am faced with an obstacle. It is true that when I bring my problems to you, you always answer and provide me guidance on how to move forward. Help me to remember that worry is a form of disbelief, and the only reason I would need to worry is if I lost sight of you. Keep me worry free by anchoring me to your peace, Lord. Amen.

Psst: This is my favorite devotional I use every morning! 

Lean into trust

Father thank you for calling me to rest. Everyday had its own unique challenges, but this year, and the last few months/weeks especially have  been especially trying. Lord, thank you that these are just temporary obstacles and opportunities to trust you more. Help remind me not to drag my feet in the past, or anxiously scan the future’s horizon. Lord, keep my eyes fixated on you here in the present where you restore and refresh me. It’s not my place or purpose to live outside the barriers of the timeline you have designed for me. Peace and joy comes from being content, not being in control. Amen. 

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Focus on the present

Lord, thank you for the gift of time. Thank you for separating the day into 24 hour periods so we are forced to live in TODAY. It is so easy to get caught up worrying about the future. Lord, I confess I often want to know how everything will pan out. I want control, structure, and security knowing all will be ok. However, this security I am describing only comes from living in the present with you. Lord, help me curve any anticipatory anxiety by reminding me that I am thinking and planning outside of my time barrier with you. Keep prompting me to bring any thoughts of worry to you as soon as I become aware of them. Continue discipling me to starve fear with faith. Amen

Check in with Him each morning

Father, thank you for training me to come to you FIRST thing; as meditating on your word gives me the wisdom, discernment, and self discipline I need to stay rooted in your presence as I go about the day. As soon as I awaken each morning, my mind is called to battle a thousand thoughts and messages, and very few of them are of your truth. I used to wake up and rush off into the day, and before lunch I would be anxious, overwhelmed, and operating from a scarcity mindset. All I have to do is remain aware and intentional with my actions, and collaborate with you on everything. Thank you for teaching me how to enjoy worry-free living, and thank you for overcoming anxiety, fear, and mental dis-ease. Help me teach others to tap into your peace today, Lord. Amen. 

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These prayers for anxiety give me strength and melt the stress away – I hope they do the same for you.  Remember, you are not alone! You are doing a really good job of handling something really stressful and He sees you.

What are you handing over to Him today?


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prayers for anxiety



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