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Releasing to God

Releasing something to God is not giving up idk who needs to hear this but:

You have done and are doing amazing things. You have been working so hard, and you are SO TIRED. It feels like you can never catch up all the way up to life. Something is always compromised by another priority. You keep day dreaming of a “resting point”… if you can just make it to this place, THEN you can reset. But it never happens does it? I feel that. It’s time for a release…

On top of that, let’s be honest: you have  A LOT going on in the background that you’re avoiding. Whether it’s with your health, relationship, career… ALL of them…there is something that has been painfully off for a while- and you have been doing your best to distract yourself from facing it.

It’s coming up for you more and more now because that’s your heart’s way of signaling to you: “it’s time to resolve this and get rid of this stress”. Your body is SO smart.

I know it feels scary as heck to think about tackling something you’ve been avoiding so long, but I am here to tell you, you CAN dot it. 

Don’t let the anxiety lie to you. You have been enduring trauma, and that has led you to feel very unmotivated and insecure (again you’re exhausted, VERY understandable). You’ve been going against your truth for so long, it’s hard to find your voice. You hold yourself to extremely high, unrealistic expectations and it’s really hard for you to accept when you aren’t ok or feel like you’re “giving up”. 

Just remember:

Releasing something to God is not giving up. 

Accepting you’re not ok or needing to take a step back is not letting someone down.

To all my friends silently and tirelessly marching through the valley, YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Praying for you to have peace and confirmation today. 

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