Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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How To: Move forward when you’re ready to 

Have you felt God calling you to make some major health changes but feel completely lost or even fearful about how to get started? Keeping it real here, moving forward making lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming or even intimidating – at least in my experience it was.

For me to gain traction with my weight loss journey I had to fully release my process to God. I had to continually ask God to scan my heart for those hidden fears and “secret sins”- basically those unwanted snacking/self sabotage habits that I was still stashing away behind closed doors. I knew what my demons were- and it’s funny to think now that I thought I could hide them even from God. Can I tell you, when I realized I didn’t have to hide these things from God I relieved myself of the self imposed burden of trying to be perfect or not mess up.

And that allowed me to finally gain that sense of self control and discipline that  I NEVER thought I’d be able to obtain.  I learned that I could fully be myself in His presence without trying to close off any part of who I am. There was no point in trying to fight, hide, or deny that any longer- it wasn’t getting me anywhere. In doing that, I was just accumulating guilt, shame, and fear.

He knew me before I was born, and He knows my heart’s truth above all else. He also knows my burdens as well as any pain or resentment that I sometimes stubbornly cling to. He knows my insecurities, worries, and the patterns that I struggle with.

I NEEDED to adopt this mentality to keep moving forward – If I didn’t move forward and release this to HIM I would always be “starting over” if it were up to my terms. Right now, if you are struggling to follow through or even get started with making the necessary lifestyle changes He has called you to, take this first simple step with me:

Thank Him for understanding you perfectly and encouraging you move forward and to give all of your struggles to Him. Thank HIM for pruning your soul and training you in the discipline of spending this time alone with you before you go out into the world.

Ask him, Father, keep me open to your transforming light today, and keep evolving me into the woman you created my life for. Lastly, I want to leave you with PSALM 139 1-4 (see what words or phrases stick out to you). 

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