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How to move forward from regret

You didn’t mess up. Yesterday, may have not gone exactly the way you had hoped it to, and that’s ok. You don’t need to spend your energy ruminating and replaying the details over and over again. God’s after your HEART not your performance. Anytime you experience extreme tension or dissonance with your behaviors or decisions, you can choose to gripe or GROW. Now, that doesn’t mean that the discomfort will immediately disappear, BUT your willingness to RELEASE THE ANGER and understand will absolutely remove the sting and intensity of the emotions you’re experiencing. It’s time to move forward.

Instead of dwelling in regret today, let’s REFLECT HERE:

-what did I learn about myself yesterday?

-could I have responded differently? if so, how?

-despite the unpleasantries, I was still able to ______?

-in the future, if or when these circumstances pop up again, I will ________?

-if God was sitting with me right now, what kind of advice do you think He would give me around this matter?

Motivated Morning

If the answers are not clear, come back to them later. In fact, save these questions as a journal prompt – may help you sort through any future hiccups. It is difficult to move forward…and that is ok.  You don’t have to move forward at lightning speed.

PS- got your prayer requests yesterday. Thank you for sharing and know that they are held in loving support. 

Enjoy your weekend, friend. 

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