Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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Living from faith or fear

Are you living from faith or fear?

I know you want to be taking better care of yourself. I know you realize that life would feel so much easier if you made some changes. You despise waking up into this heaviness.  You are exhausted from dragging around the fear of regret– but you feel completely unmotivated to change. It’s so hard for you to admit that you are simply NOT ok, and you are starting to feel a stiff layer of complacency setting in. You’re at a crossroads, and don’t know which way to go. The choice is your own.. living from faith or fear?

Maybe the leadership and direction you crave at home isn’t there- maybe you are realizing it’s completely up to you and God to pioneer these changes you need to make. Perhaps you’re thinking, “If no one supports me, how will I sustain these changes? What if my partner, family, roommate, or friends don’t understand or respect my boundaries? How am I going to feel motivated to take these steps when there is still temptation all around me? Am I living from faith or fear?”

And then you end up retracting to: “I’ll change eventually, right now, I just need to stay put because it’s safer.” Friend, it’s NOT safer. You do NOT feel safe where you are- you feel COMFORTABLE. You MUST stop pinning your hope and motivation to things and other people. You MUST place all of your worries, fears, and weakness on Him. If God has brought you to this realization, He already has a path mapped out. He is waiting for you to surrender and start stepping in trust. Even if they are the tiniest steps at first.

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That scared the heck out of me when I was in your shoes. You know why? God revealed tome that I had NEVER known success with my physical health, so I was naturally terrified of assuming that responsibility. I NEVER implemented personal boundaries, so I was clueless as to how much self control and discipline I actually had. I was letting old narratives and limiting beliefs (aka Satan) continually whisper lies into my ear that I was unworthy and incapable of SUCCESS.

You have TWO choices:

-continue on as you are, faltering in fear.

-take His hand, and step forward in FAITH

Are you ready to start making these changes with God’s guidance?
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