Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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his grace and gudiance

Whatever you’re enduring, you aren’t alone

As a Christian women’s behavioral coach, I know many of us are not only struggling in our bodies, but also in our homes and you aren’t alone.

I want you to know that, whatever you may be enduring, you aren’t alone.  I also want you to know that with His guidance, you can and will overcome this season and others still to come.

As I began my adult walk with the Lord, I must disclose that I didn’t really know how to pray. I often felt distracted, or even a bit unworthy of asking for help. Admittedly, I also found that my praying was more like complaining at first. Releasing my pain to God conjured up a lot of frustration and “venting”, but this is where His grace began to intercept me. My heart started softening, and I became overwhelmed with the craving to be near Him.

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In fact, the more time I have given to Jesus, the more He has refined our relationship. I am learning how to walk and talk with Him. As I meditate in His word each morning, He imprints the exact message and lesson meant for me to hear. I am learning more about myself as He continually prunes my soul for growth and healing. 

We can’t always control life’s circumstances or unforeseen events, but we can consciously choose to devote the first minutes of our day to Him. I have found in doing so, His daily briefings fill my heart and mind with hope, purpose, and peace- no matter what kind of mood or situation I wake up to. I want you to also challenge yourself to start giving the first 5-10 min of your day to spending time with Him and His word. 

When you’re ready, my 30 day devotional journal (the exact format I use daily) is linked below. 

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