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How to choose peace in the midst of pain

You may not be feeling your best today, and I can appreciate that. I know the LAST thing you want is to not be full of happiness and joy,  I love you and it’s ok- seriously, feel what you need to. I want to help you learn how to choose peace in the midst of pain.

It’s not wrong for feeling negative emotions. In fact, if you are going through a hard season, even everyday stressors can amplify it, and THAT IS TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE. Give yourself space for grace.

Go get quiet, excuse yourself if you need to. Come recenter with these reminders: 

You can choose calm in the midst of chaos.

You can choose peace in the midst of pain.

You can choose joy in the midst of grief. 

You can choose love in the midst of hate.

You can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST JESUS who gives you strength.

Even in the grips of darkness and struggle- the LORD IS IN THIS PLACE.

Keep repeating that last line: THE LORD IS IN THIS PLACE, throughout today when you notice unwanted thoughts. His calm and peace will override whatever you’re enduring. Your circumstances may not change, but your experience will. 

I am sending you so much love today.

Doing a prayer break before lunch today, leave your prayers requests here.

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