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Grateful in Grief

How to remain grateful in the grips of grief

Please do not forget all you have endured this year before you start criticizing yourself for not being further along. God wastes nothing. I am giving you permission to acknowledge and validate yourself because I know you likely don’t like to complain.  When you get tired, you tell yourself “others have it so much worse than me, I can suck this up.” I love your heart for that, and you are right to a degree, but also, YOUR EXPERIENCE IS YOUR EXPERIENCE.  

You are allowed to feel angry, exhausted, resentful, scared, anxious, frustrated, annoyed, or even envious. You are allowed to feel discontent with your current situation. It’s actually pretty understandable that many of us are feeling these things and trying not to express it because “we need to be grateful”, right?  You are allowed to experience grief and feel however you feel.

Well guess what sister, you are STILL a grateful spirit even in your grief. You are still an obedient daughter of God when you are rebelling with anger. You are still loved, approved, and accepted even when you put the pause on prayer. He knows your heart, babe. He knows you love Him and are trying your hardest. He knows ALL OF IT. 

If this is hitting you right now, just bow your head silently and whisper: “Jesus, thank you for loving me anyway. I love you, I trust you, and I am going to try my best today. Please hold my hand, please guide me. Amen.”

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Grateful in Grief



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