Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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When things aren’t moving “fast enough”

God is working all things in your favor. 

Repeat that out loud: God IS working all things in my favor. 

Sweet friend, He loves you more than anything can be loved in this world. When we let our minds get distracted, we can easily lose sense of His presence, but He NEVER leaves us. We lose sight of OUR presence; and then we start slingshotting our thoughts way into the future or back into the past. We try to gauge or compare our current situation to ones we’ve had or ones we may have. That’s our ego’s way of trying to protect and prevent us from repeating unpleasant experiences. 

When things get uncomfortable, our human tendency is to react and resolve. “I trust God, but I am going to start doing this on the side JUST in case it takes Him longer to respond to this…” lol sound familiar? That 99.9% trust life right? 

Sometimes, there is not an immediate resolution and that frustrates or triggers us into reactionary behaviors (usually those unwanted habits you are struggling with). 

That’s how you have taught yourself to cope. It’s hard to feel and sit in tension without reacting- it’s like letting an itch go on and on without scratching it. But THAT’S the tension that strengthens FAITH and TRUST. That is also the cognitive conditioning that helps you break through unwanted habits and allows you to develop healthier coping skills as you learn to RESPOND vs react to your environment. 

 Start identifying what “itches” you experience throughout the day, and immediately talk to God about them. This will not only strengthen your relationship with God, but it will also help you start reinstating trust within YOURSELF. 

Again, things may not be happening in the timeline you expected, but remember His timing is perfect. Ask God today to reveal where you can be more patient, and reaffirm your faith in His timing. Finally, THANK Him for teaching you how to have more trust and self-discipline skills so He can continue working on all the amazing plans He has in store for you. 

Love you! K

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