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How to Create A Habit Plan | LRD Academy

A habit is like a muscle; we must exercise it regularly or else our performance will suffer. We can’t just say “I am going to start exercising more often!” or “I am going to create a habit and stick to it.”  and then not follow through with the plan.  A reason why we fail to create a habit plan is the fear that if I don’t get started soon enough my efforts will be for nothing.  This leads us back into… overthinking about how hard the habits are to follow.  If you are already working on making changes, adding more may make things feel overwhelming rather than focusing energy where its needed most -like pushing yourself past perceived limitations every single day and creating habits that you can stick to. You have to choose ONE habit pattern that you can stick to first.

Ok, now that you’ve got your ONE habit pattern you are going to focus on, let’s create a plan.

Motivated Morning

Here is how you can create this plan (and you can do this now or, if you’re on a walk or driving you can think about your feedback here and write down your plan later- just make sure you write it down!)

-Go ahead and write out: OPERATION ” Your New Habit”
-Now let’s identify the stats of this habit pattern:
-what, when, where, why, how, who…
-triggers (what typically sparks this behavioral reaction) -thought or action
-signaling sensations: what do you notice physically or physiologically
-what’s the first thing that happens
-then what happens
-ok now we are going to freeze here, insert your IF, THEN thinking

-create 2-3 back up plans you will implement IF and when this trigger happens
-implement your plan and note what works and what doesn’t

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