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How to Support Someone on Their Health Journey | LRD Academy

At one point in my life, I was called the “fat girl” who was “negligent” and “lazy”. What’s worse is, when I tried to start doing something about it, I got more grief from my “friends” referring to me as a flake or “not being fun anymore.”

No matter what I did- healthy or unhealthy, I was doing it “wrong”. They didn’t understand why I couldn’t just eat salads M-Th and still party with them on the weekends. 

They didn’t understand that I couldn’t wait till after work or late in the day to workout- or that my routine was what kept me together.

For them, it was easy to reset, get back in the gym, and stick to a healthier meal plan. For me, it felt 1000x harder- especially with paralyzing anxiety. 

Ever notice how when some people sit down at a desk/table to work they have to move everything out of their peripheral, like they need a TON of space to spread out and function?

That’s me. And even more so me when it came to me getting my life/health back in order. I needed lots of time, lots of space, and LOTS of patience and compassion- mostly from myself- BUT also from my friends. 

If someone you know is struggling with anxiety while trying to build healthier habits, remember: their race, their pace.

What’s easy for YOU may be SO much harder for your friend- especially when she’s having an off day. 

Don’t judge, lead with compassion, and seek to understand.  At the end of the day we don’t need to live our lives for anybody but ourselves, but we do need support, community ,and our friends. The saying “it takes a village” absolutely holds true. 

So if you’re going to support your friend during her wellness journey– SUPPORT her. 

We judge ourselves enough, let’s remember that we don’t need to insert our unsolicited concerns or opinions about how quickly others are able to change their lifestyle habits.

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