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Visualization: Questions to identify your highest potential for physical and mental wellness 

Last post, I talked about the importance of end of year reflections and not waiting until Jan 1st to start mapping out your goals. I provided a checklist of questions to help you identify your 2022 highlights and start thinking about what you want to keep improving on moving forward into 2023. 

So in this post, I want to provide you with some more questions to expand off that exercise, and start visualizing your highest potential.

Grab a note pad and something to write with (and this double a your journal prompt today)!

  1. When I think of my healthiest and happiest self, what comes to mind?
  2. Right now, to reach this version of myself, I need to focus on…
  3. Maintaining a good state of physical and mental health is a priority for me because…
  4. Things that keep me consistent with my wellness and self-care habits are…
  5. Things that pull me off track and away from my goals are…
  6. In 2023, I want to continue pursuing my goals of 
  7. In 2023, I want to discontinue engaging in 
  8. Some of my strengths I will rely on are…
  9. Some of my weaknesses I may need to get support with are…
  10. My ultimate WHY behind my motivation to keep bettering myself is…

I hope that these questions have helped you to identify where you may be feeling stuck. I love when you share your goal with me! Simply reply to this via email (support@lrdacademy.com) with anything you want to pass along or celebrate!

Have you heard my recent podcast on overcoming self-doubt? Grab a matcha, and have a listen.



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