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Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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You didn’t mess up. Yesterday, may have not gone exactly the way you had hoped it to, and that’s ok. You don’t need to spend your energy ruminating and replaying the details over and over again. God’s after your HEART not your performance. Anytime you experience extreme tension or dissonance with your behaviors or decisions, […]

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You may not be feeling your best today, and I can appreciate that. I know the LAST thing you want is to not be full of happiness and joy,  I love you and it’s ok- seriously, feel what you need to. I want to help you learn how to choose peace in the midst of […]

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Have you felt God calling you to make some major health changes but feel completely lost or even fearful about how to get started? Keeping it real here, moving forward making lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming or even intimidating – at least in my experience it was. For me to gain traction with my weight […]

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God is working all things in your favor.  Repeat that out loud: God IS working all things in my favor.  Sweet friend, He loves you more than anything can be loved in this world. When we let our minds get distracted, we can easily lose sense of His presence, but He NEVER leaves us. We […]

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Grateful in Grief

Please do not forget all you have endured this year before you start criticizing yourself for not being further along. God wastes nothing. I am giving you permission to acknowledge and validate yourself because I know you likely don’t like to complain.  When you get tired, you tell yourself “others have it so much worse […]

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You can do anything you want to- but sometimes, WE NEED HELP

I used to really struggle with being self-disciplined and was constantly at war with my body. My unhealthy eating habits exacerbated my anxiety and visa versa. I found myself constantly fluctuating between being “all out” (not caring, eating my feelings, not exercising) OR I was “all in” (obsessive, restrictive, and overtraining).  For years, I went […]

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Releasing to God

You have done and are doing amazing things. You have been working so hard, and you are SO TIRED. It feels like you can never catch up all the way up to life. Something is always compromised by another priority. You keep day dreaming of a “resting point”… if you can just make it to […]

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How to take action

If you are feeling the nudge to take action but lost as to which way to go… What circumstances or feelings are you laboring right now? Where are you craving connection, fulfillment, and security? These are important questions to recenter on when you wake up in that negative headspace. I also want to give you […]

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take the first step

I know, you’re tired. You didn’t sleep that well, your body feels stiff, and your mind just won’t cut off. You had every intention of getting up this morning, setting some time aside for your, and starting the day fresh. But now, you’re teetering and the anxiety is creeping up your back. You want to […]

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Feeling Detached

You are not the only one feeling lost and detached right now. I love you. I know that feeling. It’s hard fighting the lies of anxiety sometimes- especially when those thoughts come at your relentlessly. The truth is, you are in “high alert” mode because something is off in your immediate environment structure causing you […]

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