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Questions to ask when you feel defeated

Hey friend,

Have you considered your biggest frustration right now could be your greatest blessing in disguise?

As I began my adult walk with the Lord, I must disclose that I didn’t really know how to pray.

I often felt distracted, or even a bit unworthy of asking for help.

Admittedly, I also found that my praying was more like complaining at first.

Releasing my pain to God through prayer conjured up a lot of frustration and “venting”, but this is where His grace began to intercept me.

Because of prayer, my heart started softening, and I became overwhelmed with the craving to be near Him. In fact, the more time I have given to Jesus, the more He has refined our relationship.

I am learning how to walk and talk with Him. As I meditate in His word each morning, He imprints the exact message and lesson meant for me to hear. I am learning more about myself as He continually prunes my soul for growth and healing.

Did you know God may be using your current emotions or feelings to illuminate something He wants you to release to Him?

Would it be easier to thank God for your current circumstances if you knew they were working for your good?

Where is your focus in this very moment?

Is it centered around your appearance? Control? Feeling accepted? Anticipating the future?

Talk to God or write down how you’re feeling at this moment.

Ask Him to quiet your heart and mind and reveal what He wants you to experience today.

I hope you are having the best New Year, and remembering your ability to remain in control, intentional, and present.

I am going to send out a little prayer for any of you hunny bunnies who may need some extra love today.

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