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Supporting a Partner with Mental Illness

Supporting A Partner with Mental Illness

Ladies with or supporting a partner with mental illness.

You are not alone in your struggle.

You have every right to experience whatever feelings or emotions are present.

DO NOT FIGHT OR HIDE THEM. Talk to God about ALLLLL of it- even the parts you are embarrassed to admit.

In helping my spouse through his depression (esp before treatment), I felt SO alone, SO lost, and SO ANGRY- SO RESENTFUL.

To those of you who don’t know, I also deal with anxiety, so when Josh’s symptoms started disrupting our marriage, I started slipping more and more into “high alert mode”.

My mind started going sour.
My energy began tanking.
My well was running dry.

All because I was trying to be the “hero” and act like I could handle it all without flinching.

Yea- let me tell you how that went, lol.

Short version, it quickly turned into resentment.

“This not what I signed up for God!” (yes it is)

This is not supposed to be happening like this!” (His plans are perfect)

“How am I going to keep him afloat?” (God is, not me)

“We don’t even have children or other misc stressors, how is this already happening so early on?” (Trust His timing).

“What is wrong with you, Kate? He can’t help this- why can’t you be more patient? More gracious? More compassionate?” (He is after my heart, not my performance).


This is the REALITY of the thought patterns (and reminders) I fight and anchor myself with DAILY while supporting a partner with a mental illness, depression- and we need to normalize this and stop trying to hide it from the world.

It doesn’t mean that you have to overshare or reveal every detail of your life and relationship with others, but it does mean you get to stop suffering in silence.

Josh has been very cooperative and open to letting me share our story because we know it helps so many of you, and most importantly, it gives others hope that you CAN be in a HARD season and/or relationship and STILL choose to show up and find ways to enjoy it.

The number one factor that has helped us cope through this journey is our morning routine hands down. That’s why I created the LRD Lifestyle and the basis of the system to is to create a routine of specific self-care rituals that help you stay intentional and present *MOST* of the time. If you can create a routine that helps you stay on top of your mindset, health, and well being while dealing with extreme stress, you are guaranteed to survive, and that is 110% why Josh and I are still kicking.

Regardless if you or your partner is the affected individual, you BOTH need a unique routine within a routine you do TOGETHER.

The Motivated Morning (our free guide below) is literally the system we follow daily, and the same one we provide in our LRD courses.

Lastly, if you think you or your partner may be experiencing mental illness ASK FOR HELP AND SEEK PROFESSIONAL THERAPY. Do NOT try to do fight this on your own.

Keep going, sister. God’s got you.

Try the LRD Lifestyle for FREE today.

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Supporting a Partner with Mental Illness



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