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Scripting Affirmations | LRD Academy

August, though hot as blazes, is feeling lighter and lighter as I have been focusing in on positive affirmation and the power of self-talk. 

I have my students script out affirmations inside our LRD Academy course, and it is such a powerful tool towards getting lasting results. Why? Because when we affirm our thoughts out loud they have a real vibration that changes the neurological pathways in the brain. If we think the same loops (I can’t, I shouldn’t, I’ll wait) then that will continue to feed our behaviors. If we suddenly shift, and CHOOSE to think and speak a different way, suddenly our brain goes “Woah! We’re changing directions here! Pay attention!” And in THAT very moment, you create a cognitive environment that is open to receiving the input code (aka affirmation) to change. 

Let’s try it out! 

Read the following affirmations out loud right NOW, and feel  how your energy starts shifting on the inside. You may have to read them through several times, BUT you also MUST be WILLING to believe what you are reading. 

I create my future with the choices I make today 

I attract love, health, success and abundance 

I seek to learn more about myself each day 

I am steady, focused, and determined-I don’t quit

Did you do it? You’re on your honor, but I trust you. 

If it feels too hard to say them outloud, screenshot this and save them for later.

One more thing, if no one has seen or heard you lately, you’re doing a really good job handling all the things. Don’t forget, part of taking care of yourself requires daily quiet time and doing something kind for yourself. Even if all you do is sit and breathe today, you’re doing enough. 

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