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how to build self-discipline

How To Build Self-Discipline

So I wanna talk about how to build self-discipline for a sec…

Something I get asked a lot is, “Kate, how do you create that mental toughness of yours?” 

My answer? Put yourself in a mentally-challenging situation every. single. day.

Whether that’s practicing mindfulness, resisting the urge to react the way you normally would or pushing yourself through a workout…

Motivated Morning

We all know where and when we need to push ourselves more. 

For me, I love to get up early and push myself to run when it’s dark outside. Running into the daylight symbolizes a new beginning, a new slate, and that I can overcome any “darkness” in my life.

Let me be clear – this ISN’T about pushing yourself to the point where it’s unhealthy or hurting you. 

But it’s also not about babying yourself, either.

To build self-discipline and mental toughness, you need to find that SWEET SPOT of growth, ladies – where something is uncomfortable but DOABLE.

Your goals SHOULD intimidate you a little bit and they SHOULD challenge you. 

You know you’re on the right track when the thought of reaching your goal feels EXPANSIVE and it EXCITES you.

What are your goals for the week ahead? 


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How to build self-discipline



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  2. Olympia Douglas says:

    This was the entire post? Wtf? This has got to be a joke. So disappointing.

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