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mindset shift for self-isolation

Healthy Mindset Shifts During Self-Isolation

Yeah, it sure is a strange time right now, so I wanted to give you some healthy mindset shifts during self-isolation to keep you motivated, uplifted and positive. 

But remember – every circumstance is NEUTRAL. 

WE put meaning behind things.

It’s as simple as CHOOSING the way you want to feel.

You have complete control over how you think every day!

Healthy mindset shifts during self-isolation

I’m stuck at home > I’ll be SAFE in my home and play my part in stopping the spread of this virus.

Everywhere is closed > The most IMPORTANT places like medical centers and supermarkets are open if I need them.

I’m going to get bored and eat so much > I have FULL control over my actions. I will use this time wisely to learn new things, find a new hobby or experiment with healthy recipes.

I’ll get lonely > I will use this time to meditate, reflect and get to know myself better. Loved ones are only a call (or FaceTime) away.

I’m scared I’ll get sick > I will follow expert recommendations to DECREASE my chances of getting sick.

I’m going to run out of stuff > I am prepared and will use what I have wisely. I have everything I NEED.


So, what’ll it be? What swaps are you making today?


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mindset shift for self-isolation



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