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Staying productive at home

How To Boost Productivity While Working From Home

Is being at home driving you ca-RAZY right now? Are you wondering how to maintain consistency and boost productivity while working from home – while keeping your sanity??

I’m blessed to work from home on the regular, so it’s been business as usual for me.

But I know many of y’all are struggling with cabin fever.

Common (and good!) advice is to stick to your normal work schedule as closely as possible (this isn’t a prolonged weekend, ladies!).

But in our IG Live last week, Josh and I shared two EXTRA tips for maintaining consistency and productivity while working from home.

Planning your schedule around the sun and daily check-ins. 

The combination of rising and ‘falling’ with day’s natural flow PLUS setting aside time for daily reflection is working WONDERS for us right now. 

We’re feeling productive, calm and mostly-importantly, anchored. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and unproductive while working from home, ask yourself…

  • What environment do I work best in and how can I replicate that?
  • What sucks up my time?
  • What are my biggest distractions and how can I eliminate them?
  • When are my energy and focus levels at their highest? What tasks can I schedule during this time?
  • How can I delegate? What non-essential tasks can come off my to-do list?


Setting aside time reflection might seem counter-productive (“I could be going through my to-do list right now!”), but I promise you it’s worth it. Taking 20 minutes now could save you hours (and your sanity!) later in the week.


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