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Affirmations to Boost your confidence

6 Morning Affirmations To Boost Your Confidence

Did you know that building a list of morning affirmations was THE KEY to growing my self-confidence?

I get a ton of messages asking how I’m so confident, self-assured and optimistic, especially at a time like this – but I can tell you this was NOT always the case. 

I’ve put in THE WORK, ladies. I knew that to show up 100% for my clients, loved ones, friends, and amazing online community I had to kick self-doubt in the butt!

My favorite morning affirmations to boost confidence…

“I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself.”

“There are no blocks I cannot overcome.”

“My actions are intentional and they bring me closer to my goals.”

“I trust my intuition and I always make wise decisions.”

“Feeling confident, assured, and strong is a normal part of my everyday life.”

“My gifts are one-of-a-kind and unique to me.”

Motivated Morning

If you’re ready to get out of that Monday Morning Funk – I have some homework for y’all…

  1. Take note of what you say to yourself every morning. 
  2. Choose two or three affirmations to get those confidence vibes WAY up before you start your day.
  3. Start with affirmations that FEEL good – if one seems too far fetched or uncomfortable in the beginning, don’t force yourself to say it! Slowly work your way through the prompts above and add more as you find them.

What affirmations are you using today?


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