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How to Master Your Mindset for Maximum Success

A key factor in reaching your goals in life is learning how to master your mindset for maximum success.

What if you could see a physical transcript of every thought you had today?

There are thousands of “invader thoughts” sneaking past your awareness barrier literally every minute!

To master your mindset for maximum success, ask these 4 questions…

  1. Are my thoughts positive?⁣
  2. How many of them are influenced?⁣
  3. How many of them are true?⁣
  4. How many of them are really ME?⁣

It’s time to tighten security on your thought border…⁣ You are on security duty now for your MIND!⁣

Do not let any thought or idea that isn’t true about YOU slip past your awareness barrier without challenging it. ⁣

And if you’re first response to this question was “Oh Lord, I would never have enough time to keep up with my thoughts like that..”⁣

Then sister, YOU ESPECIALLY NEED TO DO THIS and slow the EFF down in general. HELLO, anxiety and burn out alert! ⁣

The reason being mindful of your thoughts is so important is because your thoughts directly provoke how you feel. ⁣We have so much more power and control over how we feel than we think… literally.⁣

For the next couple of days, pay attention to the “radio ad thoughts” that air on repeat during the daily YOU show. ⁣

You may start finding the connections between your thoughts and how you feel throughout the day. ⁣

For instance, I was caught in a pattern of thinking “I’ll never get this done on time”.. or “I’m always behind”… and guess what.. that was my reality lol.⁣

As soon as I started telling myself, “I’m right on time”⁣ and “My schedule is set to have me ahead,” ⁣ those previous, negative thoughts completely disappeared. ⁣

Mindfulness is not hard.⁣ Subscribing to a negative thought channel is.⁣

What “radio thought ads” have you stopped subscribing to lately? ⁣

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